Yesterday my formal acceptance of resignation arrived from the company’s HR department. I’ve since been battling Doubt. The reality of that door shutting has started to sink in. I do know I can do this, but I should also remember it’s not always going to feel that way.

I’ve now less than 3 weeks left in my job. Only one of those is a full week, with the combination of bank holidays and leave left to take. I can feel crunch time coming on. I’m nervous and hopeful, and a range of emotions between.

So, this week I handed in my notice at my permanent job to go indie. After 14 years at the same company, it’s a strange mixture of excitement/fear, happiness/sadness at the end of some working relationships. I cannot wait for what is next !

Today I relearnt a valuable lesson in OpenGL and iOS: always test on device, the simulator doesn’t simulate everything.

In other news: my recording feature for the video fx engine underpinning my apps is basically working now 🙂