It’s been a while since I last posted here! I read my posts and saw my posts about travelling to NZ and wanting to return. I live here now, and it looks like this 😎☀️🇳🇿

The goodbyes are getting more difficult now as we approach leaving the UK. Yesterday was hard, the next two days with family are harder. There’s no easy way of doing what we’re doing. The goal still remains ahead.

‪I’ve had a great last couple of days working with @AaronWardle at @swipeandtap. It’s been cool to work on some new projects #iosdev‬

Tomorrow we embark on a massive trip away to NZ. I’m excited, somewhat nervous, and also a little apprehensive of the journey. As a family we will be experiencing a lot of “firsts” across with the whole trip.

It’s also been > 8 years or so of dreaming, working, planning and an element of luck and coincidence. I can’t wait.